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Paul began guitar lessons at age 14. His zeal for learning and intense daily practice prepared him well for study at Holyoke
Community College and Westfield State College. Paul studied under Philip DeFremery, a well known student of classical
guitar legend Andres Segovia. During college Paul participated in many "master classes", one-on-one intensives with guest
professionals such as Benjamin Verdery. Paul graduated with a degree in music in 1998. He earned several awards and
scholarships throughout his studies, one of the most notable being the Young Composer's Award in 1998.

Paul's compositions have appeared in several independent films such as "El Episodio" by Caroline Bell, which has made
appearances at several film festivals. A composition of Paul's, titled "October", was selected for nationwide release on the
"Best of GuitarWar.com" compilation CD. Currently, he is composing the score for an independent film, "Down", in
cooperation with musician Christopher Couchon.

Paul tours up and down the East Coast regularly in the band Angry Johnny and the Killbillies, for whom he performs
mandolin and banjo. The band's music has been featured in several indepedent films and the major motion picture, "11:14"
starring Hilary Swank. The band's off-kilter Americana sound has also proven popular in Europe; the band's latest album
has been released through a major German label, "GemBuzz". They are slated to tour in Europe in the upcoming year to
promote the release.

During his travels in 2004, Paul competed in the famous CrossRoads Guitar Contest held annually in Winston-Salem, North
Carolina. The winner of the guitar showdown, in a head to head playoff style, is determined by the audience.
Paul emerged as the 2004 CrossRoads Guitar champion, holding the extra special distinction of winning the guitar contest
with his mandolin.

In 2007, Paul composed the musical score for the independent horror movie Gimme Skelter, for which he received the Best
Soundtrack award from the 2007 Fright Night Fest Film Festival.

When at home, Paul continues to compose music for independent films and other media such as commercials, as well as
classical and spanish style works on the guitar.

Paul offers instruction on the guitar, both acoustic and electric, the bass and mandolin. Paul's wide range of musical
experiences enables him to accomodate students' individual musical interests. He teaches students who want to learn the
classical and fingerpicking styles, classic and modern rock, blues, and anything else the student requests. He teaches
students of all ages and levels.

Paul loves to teach and always welcomes new students and beginners.